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We are happy to welcome you to our travel agency and Tour operator and your dream come true. Discover Madagascar and these magical and captivating lands in all serenity. We offer you a lot of experiences thrills, authentic destinations and fun. Alone, between friends or as a couple, you will see more than your expectations.

Madagascar, also named the “Red Island”, is a paradise island full of possibilities of destinations, discovering and adventure. Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, you will fall in love with the Great Island with its tropical flavor and sweetness of life.

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“Lemurien Voyage” is committed to sharing the best sensations throughout Madagascar. We give you the best services to offer make unforgettable memories of our island.

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Our destinations

South West

In a rocky and desert landscape and covered with unusual vegetation.

Isalo national park

One of the most beautiful parks of Madagascar, with its landscapes worthy of the great west, the adventure will be at the rendezvous.

Red Tsingy

A true miracle of nature. This site offers an impressive relief, made of sandstone, marl and limestone.

Ranomafana park

The park is a must-see destination with abundant and varied biodiversity.

Sainte marie

Do not miss the wonderful whale show that takes place every year.

Babakoto trail

Meet the Indri Indri, the biggest species of lemur.

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